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The Return of the Anti-Hail CannonsThe principle factor is the existence of deep layers in thunderstorms, where condensed water is in a liquid state, at temperatures below 0°C (even as low as -40°C), and in vertical air currents strong enough to hold the hail aloft while it grows. Yet another claims: To improve the transmission of positive ions from ground level to cloud level by a shock wave generator, a shroud is provided which surrounds the barrel of the generator for guiding a convective air flow vertically along the sides of the barrel to an orifice of the barrel. This is a weather anomaly that is not a truckers helper, for most drivers this is costly.

Weather Queries .NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) takes a different approach to
averages. In its monthly and seasonal outlooks, it defines three ranges of temperature (or precipitation) that are equally likely. For example (note that I am making these numbers up), suppose that the average temperature for April in Stratford, Connecticut, is 49°F. From past records, the CPC determines that there is equal likelihood (a 1/3 chance) that the average April temperature will be below 47°, between 47° and 51° (near normal), and above 51°. ¹MCSF

Tornado odditiesCerveny discusses various historical occurrences involving tornadoes. Tornadoes and their high winds have been known to carry people and objects great distances without harm, although many stories of these incidents remain unconfirmed.

ANTARCTIC RESCUEThe most difficult part of forecasting for Antarctica is the lack of data. This is not a place where you can look up vacation rentals. Antarctica has few weather reporting stations because it has no permanent residents; there are not towns, cities, or commercial airports and most visitors come to conduct research or support the researchers.

Dangerous WeatherAccording to the National Weather Service, there were 438 weather-related fatalities in 2003. California topped the charts for weather related-property and crop damages with $2.351 billion in losses.Volcano Lightning

D-Day Weather RevisitedThe European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF) used modern assimilation techniques and weather data from the National Weather Service to reconstruct the weather leading up to and including Jun 6,1994. ECMWF's recent analysis reanalysis of the original forecasts illustrates the difficulties the 1944 forecasters faced-due to stormy weather in the Atlantic and fronts in the English Channel-and their subsequent accuracy.

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